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Shanghai XISI Nonwoven Products Co., Ltd. Founded in 2005 which is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of various laundry sheets &color catcher sheets. With 100 million sheets per year Rapidly growing sales of the XISI cleaning sheet series in the global market, the Shanghai XISI factory expanded the factory scale to 30,000 square meters of dust-free workshops in 2012, and continuously introduced the world's most advanced automated production equipment, with a complete equipment production chain, Annual production capacity  reach up 300 million pieces/year . And in 2013, the floor cleaning, toilet cleaning, kitchen oil cleaning and color absorbing film series products independently developed by XISI won 26 international certifications such as European BSCI, ROHS, SGS, ISO9001, and 76 international invention patents. As of 2015, the XISI Guangzhou factory was established, and it has provided OEM services for well-known brands such as Unilever, and supplies to the world's largest supermarkets and supermarkets. 

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Independent R&D Laboratory

Shanghai XISI Nonwoven Products Co., Ltd. has an independent laboratory of 500 square meters, with advanced laboratory equipment and high-precision chemical analysis instruments, 70 top technical R&D personnel in the industry, with an average master's degree or above, and has obtained 18 industry awards so far. technology patent.



In compliance with the honest and sustainable principle,we devote on providing global clients with safe, highly concentrated, biodegradable,plastic-free, and ECO-friendly cleaning products,

offering a one-stop solution for consumers' household cleaning demands and contributing our own power for the national goal of emission peak and carbon neutrality.


Shanghai Xisi Nonwoven Products Co., Ltd. has an independent professional laboratory, 50 research employees from top universities around the world, and has the ability of independent research and development and production. It has a production workshop of about 20,000 square meters in Guangzhou and a production plant of 12,000 square meters in Shanghai. The huge production capacity and complete production equipment system have been providing OEM services for brand giants such as Unilever, Baimao, and Omo.


Automated production line

We have international advanced production equipment: 50 semi-automatic folding production lines, 1 automatic extraction and folding production line, 1 automatic punching equipment production line, 4 automatic color box packaging lines, etc. Box packing line, etc. 12 sets of 1-ton emulsification and heating stirring pots, 37 tablet machines, 3 automatic granulation production lines for fragrance beads, 1 modern production line for softening tablets/whitening tablets, 8 modern packaging lines for washing tablets; 4 automatic filling lines for fragrance beads wire. The daily production capacity of product color-absorbing films is 8 million pieces, and the daily production capacity of dishwashing cloth is 2 million pieces.


We always adhere to the goal of creating green and high-quality washing products, and provide global suppliers with safe, highly concentrated, biodegradable, and plastic-free green washing products. We are the global partner and supplier of many well-known international brands. Among them, the laundry tablet series has supplied more than 2 billion tablets to customers around the world since 2018. Has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, EU BSCI certification and the first domestic washing daily necessities IFS HPC certification.

Eco-Friendly and Degradable

the latest nano-super-concentration technology and a green and natural formula without ingredients such as fluorescent whitening agents which harmful to human health &environment,  the biodegradation rate exceeds 98%.

Active Proteolytic Enzyme

The activity of active protease fundamentally

 decomposes insoluble and insoluble stains; improves cleaning efficiency

Without any Chemical Additives

100% natural plant ingredients, no phosphorus, no additives, no harm to hands, quickly decomposed and melts when exposed to water

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